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Fernhill Park - woodland burial grounds on the Isle of Wight

Burial Ground West ViewFernhill Park was established in response to a growing demand for an alternative option to traditional burials. The site provides an environmentally friendly burial ground which is a wonderful haven to encourage and protect native wildlife.

The woodland at Fernhill Park is a self sustaining development and is being sensitively managed by an experienced forester, Richard Lightbown, who is devoted to the future of the park. An extensive replanting scheme is also being undertaken, and the burial site itself is managed in a way that will support existing woodland as well as aiding the development of new woodland.

Being an area dedicated to woodland for the future, means land dedicated to loved ones will always remain as a permanent and living memorial at Fernhill.

We, at Fernhill, are committed to providing a comforting environment for family and friends who seek peace and solitude to reflect on the memories of their loved ones. We hope to provide for the emotional and spiritual needs of both the bereaved and those who wish to plan for the future within their own lifetime.
Today, Fernhill offers a pleasant place to visit, as well a peaceful resting place for people of all beliefs and denominations. It is located within easy reach of the mainland and the main towns of the Isle of Wight.